Sun University Days 2006

The journey continue to Sun University Day 2006, held in Japaneshe Central of Studies of University of Indonesia, 20 September 2006. The unique of these event is using interactive video accross 6 universities: University of Indonesia (Jakarta), Technology Institute of Bandung (Bandung), Gajah Mada University (Yogyakarta), Technology Institute of Sepuluh November (ITS), and Riau University (Riau), it’s accross region of Indonesia. Beside these universities, there are more universities receiving broadcast of this event via internet connections.

Here are some photos from that event:


Sun Developer Days 2006

Here are some of my photos of Sun Developer Days 2006. Held in Shangrilla, Jakarta, 19 September 2006. Almost 850 registrant coming at this event.





My Rest Room


Chuck Mun Lee, I, Denny, and Eko

Zone Simulation Demo

Zone Simulation Demo

NetBeans Profiler Show Case

My Breakfast

Playing a Bit with ZFS, Tip & Trick on Multiple Mount Point

Reading Tabriz’s weblog about ZFS mountroot, I start to did it step by step on top of my x4100 playing yard. First of all, there is already pre-installed Solaris 10 06/06 with multiple slices installation and mountpoints. I tried the script from Tim Foster’s weblog, but has a problem, if there are mountpoints assigned to slices that is not come from root, it is not copied to zfs filesystem. So I did step 6 for each mount point I have.

Have a lucky luck with your ZFS MountRoot 🙂

IDM Codecamp I

Since 29-31 August 2006, Sun Microsystem Indonesia conducted IDM Codecamp I. Here are some photos

Photo 1

Photo 2

at Tofu House