Outlook 2003 LDAP Address Book Configuration

I have been playing arround to configure LDAP Address Book on Outlook 2003 againts Sun Java Directory Server.

Here step by step to configure:

  1. Open Tools -> E-mail Accounts -> Add a new directory or … -> Internet Directory Service (LDAP)
  2. Put the server name and click More Settings… button
  3. Rename display name (optional)
  4. Click Search tab
  5. Put Search base: ou=People,o=domain, o=isp 

PS: If your Directory Server requires authentication so put your user name as uid=username,ou=People,o=domain,o=isp and your password as well.

Have a nice shoot…!


12 Responses

  1. Thank You

  2. AD & Exchange 2003 are installed in different servers. Exchang 2003 is a member server. Our AD is for intranet purpose. In this scenerio how can i will be able to configure LDAP address book.



  3. Anish:
    In your case, it would be automatically integrated. In my case, I use different mail server.

  4. hi,
    I had configured Ldap in Outlook 2003, but I am not able to see Organization details in Otlook 2003. If any One have idea to resolve this case pls tell me.

  5. I have been configuring LDAP on thunderbird using the Base DN and Bind DN and it all went good. I have been able to view all the persons on the contacts. But recently as there are still a few people who are using Outlook I needed to configure their Ldap. the problem is that in the Ldap only a few people is being displayed in the Ldap list. I have practically use the same configuration as in thunderbird. Could you please help me to carry it out.


  6. We’re using MDaemon as our Mail server and I just can’t seem to find a way to configure Outlook 2003 to use an LDAP address book. The LDAP Server in MDaemon has been installed but I have yet to integrate it with Outlook 2003. Any help would be gretly appreciated. Thanks.


  7. Thanks a lot…..

    Its really a cool solution and IT WORKS!!!!

  8. Hello,

    My Windows2003 Server use Active Directory and I have configured an Outlook 2003 address book using LDAP as source of email address.

    How can I configure dynamic Distribution List? This is, if LDAP changes, also may do the distribution list?

    Kind Regards from Spain,

  9. Hi MacRae,

    Is there any way we can configure the LDAP address book by GPO ?


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