OSUG Meeting May 07

This is the first OSUG Meeting that the speaker comes from non-Sun :). Thank Mas Indra for your kinda to prepare the material. This time, Mas Indra shows us how to make dual-boot Solaris/Open-Solaris with other OS, and shows the startup-kit come from Solaris DVD kit comes from Sun. Here are some photos of this event.

OSUG Meeting May 07

OSUG Meeting May 07

Mas Indra


Mindstorm NXT in My Hand

After so long waiting to buy Mindstorm NXT, finally today I’ve got one ship to my address. Thanks guys who help me to get it from ebay.

Now, I still try to figure out, what the biggest idea to build with this stuff. Any idea? or reference of additional sensors, comments and suggestions are welcome.

OSUG Meeting April 07

In this session we have Andre Wenas conducts the presentation. Andre presents about Trusted Extension a new feature in Solaris 10 Update 3. Sorry Andre, no handsome photo of you today. 🙂