Middle Mouse button in Firefox and Swiftweasel as “Paste”

Long time ago, back to 1980’s, X11 define that middle mouse button is paste, you can read the detail in here. As opposed to Microsoft standard uses middle mouse button as navigation key.

Firefox/Swiftweasel in Unix/Linux implemented the same nature of X11. If you have problem with this nature, you can simply disable the feature.

  • From your browser, put about:config in address bar
  • Search middlemouse.paste and change the value to false

2 Responses

  1. That middle button can do a lot of things. Zoom , scroll smoothly – i just found that out recently

  2. That’s great; but what I’d really to see is a standarized behaviour of the middle mouse button across diff OSes. And as a first choice I would have liked copy/paste assigned, that would be great (of course); but for it to work properly on all platforms(/apps) it would need an extra button (totaling 4). This is useful even if your not a dev(/con lover); since word processing is such a commomly mayor user function.

    If not; then I’d liked it followed by navigational commands (back/forward, or prev/next); that sadly require an extra button too. Although they could be implemented as a toggle, or double click; ie, first middle click copies selection, second (or double) pastes content.

    And as a last alternative; I’d to further the continuation of the de facto open new tabs functionality. Except that now be it extended to open new windows, when no tabs are available. And of course, assuming multiple instances are allowed.

    But in the bitter end perhaps the best way is the user configurable set. OSes such have defaults that can be easly overriden by users. Followed by programmable application specific controls. And of course, other virtual key combos; eg, 1st+2nd->3; 1st+3rd->4, etc.

    PS: I personally found the scroll wheel as a poor and half harted implementation of the org devised fine tracking mechanism. Ie, (as in the first and second suggestions where’s the dual?) There should be another for horizontal scrolling (2nd axis); but if you’re going to put that, then might as well aptly put the second extra trackball. In this context, the zoom/panning mech of the middle button without the wheel works better; since the latter only would get in the way. Obv problem is design; bundling together the wheel and middle buttons was clever; yet not very irl practical.

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