Unofficial-Unsupported Tricks: Installing Ubuntu 7.10 Using Wubi

Wubi is a free tool that enable you to install Ubuntu (and it’s variant) side by side with Windows installed base, without dedicated partition. However, the developer is not officially supporting Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy). Here is the tricks to install Gutsy using Wubi.

  1. Obtain wubi installer from and place it to C:\ubuntu folder
  2. Obtain your ISO CD of Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy) and place it to C:\ubuntu\install folder
  3. Execute Wubi-7.10-alpha-rev386.exe
  4. Fill all required field on the from accordingly.
  5. And please pray, hopefully your Ubuntu can be installed properly 🙂

If you have problem with installation, please don’t blame me 🙂

Like I said, this trick is unofficial and unsupported, since the wubi binary itself is discontinued version.


3 Responses

  1. If you run the Update process ( System -> Adminsitration -> Update Manager), you will see just under the “You system is up-to-date” message, “New distribution release 7.10 is available” and to the right is a box with “Upgrade” to click on and begin the upgrade.

    I did upgrade to 7.10 and found a significant degradtion in performance vs 7.04.

    Also, note that there is a Wubi 8.04 version available. “Ubuntu support” says you can upgrade to 8.04 from either 7.10 or 6.06, but not the other versions. I have not tried this route. I did do a clean install of 8.04 on my Acer laptop (I previously had 7.04 installed), but it would not show the three partitions (when you clicked on Places -> Computer), only the partition where Wubi WAS NOT INSTALLED. The ACER laptop has 3 partitions, PQSERVICE (hidden, contains files to re-install Windows), the user partition (ACER) and a third partition (ACERDATA) which had an Acer file or two – took half the HD and wasted a lot of space. I installed Wubi (Ubuntu) in the ACERDATA partition. With 7.04, Places -> Computer showed all three partitions, with 8.04 (Wubi/Ubuntu on ACERDATA), it only showed the “Windows user partition, ACER. I re-installed in the ACER partition and then it showed ONLY the ACERDATA partition, NOT the ACER partition, where Wubi/Ubunti was installed. In both case, PQSERVICE was never shown.

    I lknow you could do a mount /media/… from the terminal, but I am not sure how you can force it to show all three partitions under Places -> Computer.

  2. […] more at : Unofficial-Unsupported Tricks: Installing Ubuntu 7.10 Using Wubi though i couldnt find any reason to install 7.10, it is nice to know it could be done. Bookmark […]

  3. Good idea to learn linux os

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