Tips Installing Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 on Solaris 10

Sun Java System Web Server (SJSWS) is part of Java Enterprise System Software Stack. It’s one of the most complete featured web server ever. You can deploy Java Web Application, PHP, Ruby on Rails, using this web server.

Combining with Solaris 10, it gives more advantages, like SMF, Solaris Container/Zone, DTrace, etc.

Here are step-by-step installing SJSWS on Solaris 10:

  1. Obtain the software installer from Sun website.
  2. Install the software, you can use GUI or text based easy installer wizard, or silent mode to install automatically on several server boxes.
  3. During installation you can choose to install web server or admin server (and it’s agent) or both.
  4. After installation you can start admin-server and your web-server.
If you install SJSWS 7.0 U2 on Solaris 10 x86 U5, then your admin-server eventually produced core dump files each time it starts. So, to fixing this problem you need to upgrade your JDK, to the newer version. In my case, I updated from to Then, you change the link of /usr/jdk/latest to the newer version.

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