Installing PHP Plugins 1.0 on SJSWS 7.0 U2

As my previous posting about installing SJSWS 7.0 on Solaris 10, then now add PHP plugins to make it enable parse/execute PHP script. Here are the step-by-step:

  1. You need to obtain the PHP Plugin 1.0 from Sun website.
  2. Extract downloaded file to <SJSWS installation location>/plugins/php
  3. Create php.ini on that location, the more simple way is by copying from php.ini-recomendation.
  4. Edit your php.ini, set your timezone, and set the include path to your specific include path, for example <SJSWS installation location>/plugins/php/includes/php/
  5. Go to folder <SJSWS installation location>/plugins/php
  6. Then execute ./setupPHP -instancename=<your web server name>
  7. Follow post instructions from that ./setupPHP scripts command.
  8. Start you web server, voila, your web server now ready for PHP deployment.
If you playing with PEAR library (common library in PHP world), just copy the PEAR folder to <SJSWS installation location>/plugins/php/includes/php

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