Solving Problem Logitech V470 in Vista (maybe other bluetooth mice)

If you experience your mouse is not immediately connect to your PC/Notebook after restart/suspend/hibernate, or after your mouse switch off and on again, than maybe this one is your main problem.

Due to security reason, by default, Windows Vista is not allowing bluetooth devices to connect to your PC/Notebook. You can change this behavior by do following steps:

  1. Open Bluetooth Device dialog
  2. Open Option tabs
  3. Check Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer check box
  4. To get notice every time when there is untrusted device that want to connect to your PC/Notebook, check also Alert me when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect check box

One Response

  1. I’ve done all that. several times. any imbecile would know to do that. it still doesn’t. freakin’. WORK.

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