3rd time in hometown in year

It’s been 3 times I visited my hometown with my whole family in this year. In the 3rd visit, I got a surprised. In this afternoon, when I pick my children to play in “alun-alun” (heart of city), I saw a big banner said “Bawa Laptop di Alun-alun Lamongan dan Manfaatin akses Internet Gratis” in sort english it means, free internet… yes it is free for sure.

Finally, after several years people can get free internet with better speed, IMHO, my calculation, in the backbone is using ADSL 384Kbps Telkomnet Speedy. Thanks to Telkom Lamongan who provide this free internet access.

But, yes like I say, there is still but, you have bring your own computer with wi-fi capable, most notable is you must bring your own notebook. I don’t know how many people in Lamongan has such not cheap gadget in their hand. After this, I hope Lamongan local goverment could provide cheap kiosk, so everybody can access this expensive technology for free.

Several years ago, most of “underground” IT community has dream to have “Internet untuk Rakyat” (cheap internet for everybody), and for sure, the dream will be happened, I hope in near future.

FYI, now I’m posting my blog use this facility, you guys that has same hometown with me, or if you visit Lamongan, a small town in west of Surabaya, you can utilize this facility for good.


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