Yahoo Beta Test Drive

New Yahoo Beta, it seems will be a huge competition with GMail. First impression, feel like ordinary mail client. It has cache mail, so email that you have read, when you read it again, it will be shown quickly. It used multi-tab concept, so you can compose/forward/reply multiple emails at the same time, without refreshing the page. When you want to delete or tag as spam or add contact or move to folder, just simply drags your mail to Trash or Spam or Contacts or related forlder respectively. Add/delete/rename folder is also very easy way, it is also has context menu, so you just simply right click on it, and chose whatever what you want to do without change/refresh the page. The last thing I found is RSS feed, you can use yahoo mail beta as RSS Feeder.

What do you need to test Yahoo Beta is simply change your prefered content to UK. Choose options->Account Information->and edit part of your membership->click prefered content, choose UK. Have a nice test drive!!! 🙂


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